The Parent Teachers Association of Sree Vivekananda Higher Secondary School consists of 11 parents and 10 teachers as members and of which Sri. Ashraf Srambikal and Smt. Tessy Francis hold the office of the President and Vice President respectively.


NameDesignationContact Number
1. Fr.(Dr.) Raju GeorgePresident9495377337
2. Ashraf SrambikkalVice President9495136837
3. Hamodul GayafiExe. Committee9633494650
4. Ajayakumar.P.N.Exe. Committee9946416494
5. Vasudevan PillaiExe. Committee9497808833
6. Sathyanadhan K MExe. Committee9446885289
7. JayaprakashExe. Committee9645601676
8. T C AntonyExe. Committee8281817455
9. Musthafa CExe. Committee9447341983
10. Mathai O TExe. Committee9747068045
11. RafeekkaExe. Committee9526792495
12. Naseera V AExe. Committee9072067100
13. SalmathExe. Committee
14. Sheeba PauloseExe. Committee9495173514
15. A P AbuExe. Committee9747668487
16. Sudheer K VExe. Committee9946299179
17. Suresh BabuExe. Committee9497212069
18. Susamma K VExe. Committee9497873632
19. K A Rajitha KumariExe. Committee9446991740
20. Bindukumari M RExe. Committee9446692537
21. Jancy P DExe. Committee9446692537
22. A R JalajamoniExe. Committee9495173604
23. Rekha GExe. Committee9495610033
24. Thambu GeorgeExe. Committee9496365504
25. Sheela C BExe. Committee9495621274
26. Mini Jose MExe. Committee9495095294
27. Vinod C SExe. Committee9447681895
28. Ajithkumar S.Exe. Committee9447142705
29. Mini.MPrincipal VHSC (ex-officio)9447217219
30. RemasivaramanH.M. HS (ex-officio)9495081599
31. Radhakrishnan.CPrincipal, HSS(ex-officio)9446884422