Bharat Scouts and Guides

Bharat Scout and Guides is a voluntarily non political educational movement for young people open to all without distinction of origin, race, creed in accordance with the purpose principles and methods convinced by Lord Baden Powell.

This Bharat Scout and Guides is a uniformed service organisation in which wearing uniform has been a prestigious method as it represents Equality, Identification, Achievement, Commitment.

Principles of Bharat Scout and Guides

There are 3 principles
  • Duty to God
  • Duty to Others
  • Duty to Self

Methods of Bharat Scout and Guides

There are 4 pillars
  • Characteter and intelligence
  • Health and strength
  • Handicraft and kill
  • Service to others

O my honour, I promise that I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country to help other people and obey Guides law.

Bharat Scout and Guides Pledge

Be prepared by being physically strong ,mentally awake and morally straight.

Bharat Scout and Guides Moto

Bharat Scout and Guides in Sree Vivekananda Higher Secondary School, Palemad

The government of Kerala has accused sanction regarding the extension of Bharat Scout and Guides activities into Higher Secondary level on 26th January 2014. But time proved this experimental venture to be successful.

In SVHSS Palemad Scout was launched in 2014 under the mastership of Shibu Martin C HSST English who attended the 7 days Basic Training Camp for Scout masters at STC Palode in September 2014.The Guide unit started functioning in this academic year (2017)under the captaincy of Indu Kumari P G HSST English who attended the 7 days Basic Training Camp for Guides captains at RTC Naduvathur at May 2017.

The SVHSS Scout and Guide wing conduct activities every Friday. Every member of the unit performs his /hers duties including community services infatiguably. Here the Bharat Scout and Guides is very watchful in keeping the school and premises neat and tidy.

They are alert to safeguard the flora and fauna of the campus. Each member of the unit is very proud and enthusiastic to nurthur the Bio diversity Garden in the school. The members are also vigilant to maintain the Vegetable garden in the school Campus.

Our Scout and Guide unit also conducted a campaign against Drugs, Narcotics, Alcohol. Awarness classes for Road and Safety were conducted for XI and XII students by Mr. V K Paulose Asst Sub Inspector Manjeri on 17th November 2017.

Moreovwer pallets were distributed to make people aware of the dangers of the Drug Abuse.Both Scout and Guides are aware to make school Plastic free.

Our youngsters not only believe in words but in deed indeed. Under the joint auspices of the Scout and Guides unit of the school an exhibition was organised to raise fund for the treatment of Ramsheed who kidney was transplanted. There was a HAND OF GOD undoubtedly that an amount of 56000 was raised in a single day and handed over to Ramsheed by Sri K R Bhaskaran Pillai Sir our school manager.

Being full aware of the moto the team members are keen eyed to extend a helping hand to the needy. The SVHSS Scout and Guides wings are marching ahead victoriously with the immeasurable assistance,operation and encouragement, not only of the Principle Mr. C Radhakrishnan but of the School Manager Sri K R Bhaskaran Pillai Sir too.

And the victorious expeditions goes on..